Huda Publications


Praise be to Allah (swt). Huda Publications has carved out a distinct identity for itself in a short span of time. In the last fifteen years of our service, we have realized and catered to needs of our esteemed readers and began the publication.

In the era of internet, books still have their own significance. We believe that books could compete with electronic mass media only when they are presented in sublime forms. Keeping this point in view, we have decided to publish books with rich content in superfine printing. We don’t want to compromise on quality. In addition to prominent subject matters, we ensure the best paper, printing, binding and title cover go in the publishing of books.

Huda Publishers has always endeavored to make sure each new book not just adds numbers to our booklist, but becomes a part of qualitative literature.


we have pioneered Urdu translation of Holy Quran in roman English so as to attract young generation towards the religion and engage them with it. We have succeeded in our effort. Consequently, Bukhari Shareef, Selected Ahadith, Rahmat-e- Alam (s.a.s) and other religious books were brought out in roman English and this effort continues.


In order to cater modern needs of the Science and Technology era, we have published books on topics such as Health and medicine, Nutrition, Psychology, and Personality development. These books have been well received by our readers. In addition, books on classical Urdu poetry, literature, humor, satire, etc. have been stocked.


We have facility to export books abroad, and also dispatch to various cities and towns within the country through transport, post and courier. We will also come up with online cart for selling books in a near future.